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The purpose of the guidance services is to help each student in his social, educational, vocational, and personal development. Conferences with students receive first consideration of the counsellor’s time and are scheduled whenever necessary.

A counsellor is available:

1. To provide pertinent information regarding qualifications for post secondary programs and information about career opportunities.

2. To assist students to relate effectively to and with others.

3. To assist students to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits required to respond to the opportunities and expectations of the world of work.

4. To assist students to cope more effectively with personal problems which impede educational achievement, career development, and personal/social growth.

5. To request the assistance of teachers, administrators, and parents in the identification of personal, social, and intellectual needs of students.

6. To provide information with reference to available educational and intellectual needs of students.

7. To help arrange for referrals to other appropriate professionals.

The services of a school psychologist, reading specialist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and social worker are available upon request. The assistance provided by this team can be called upon as needed, to help teachers and parents deal with problems which keep pupils from reaching their potential. As part of the Student Health Initiative, students may speak with a school team worker only once before parents are contacted regarding a referral for more in-depth assistance.